Kulning – Herding Call


IN ENGLISH – BOOK (102 pages) with web-based Mp3-files/ by Susanne Rosenberg/ Udda Toner 2007/ This is the only available educational guide to learn the art of kulning – herding call.  The book and sound-files include special vocal warm-up exercises for this technique as well as herding calls, kulningar and herding songs. It also gives an insight into the history and unique environment of the music and particular women culture.

The author Susanne Rosenberg is one of the worlds most acknowledged experts of kulning, both as an artist and as a researcher.

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BOOK (102 pages) with web-based Mp3 sound files/ by Susanne Rosenberg/ Udda Toner 2007/ This is a unique guide to kulning – herding call with vocal and warm-up exercises – singing style and vocal technique – a Mp3-files with songs, herding calls, kulningar and special warm-up and training exercises for this technique.

If you want to learn kulning – this is the book for you. This is a unique pedagogical material for learning kulning. 

If you want to purchase this book in Swedish you can go to this website where you can order it.

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